Brand and Culture

Even the most brilliant business strategy is likely to fail if internally employees are not motivated to deliver on it. How an organisation positions itself in the external market needs to be supported by the internal brand. To the external market, the brand projects an expectation – a promise. Internally, it is the foundation from […]

The Power of Content Marketing and Customer Centricity

Good Content Won’t Become Great if Your Team or Prospects Can’t Find It 65% of content never gets used! Generating content for the sake of it is just a waste of time. Teams need to be trained where to find content and how to use it. They should also understand who their audience is and […]

Google continues to emphasise advertising for mobile

Google continues to emphasise mobile-first customer engagement championing what it calls Micro-Moments. Working in conjunction with mobile specific platforms and their new responsive display ads Google is making some additional changes to search and text advertising including; New Local Search Ads to Appear on Google Maps. Expanded Text Ads Get Double Headlines & More Characters Better Measurement of […]

The Makings Of Good PR – Today

PR is not just a campaign, it’s not a once off, and it definitely should not work in isolation in terms of communications. Public Relations is a fantastic addition to your marketing mix; a key player in the digital and social mix. Why? It’s all about content. What makes great PR is not the one-off […]

Awesome Campaigns Can Pull Together On And Offline Media And Provide Purpose

Like to see how we could connect consumers to your brand? Your customers are jumping from touchpoint to touchpoint expecting brands to be right behind them. Both B2C and B2B brands are navigating more channels than ever before – both on and offline. This translates to an unprecedented level of fragmentation. This makes integrated strategies critical […]

The Most Effective Social Media for B2C Businesses

As a follow on from last week’s post on B2B social media, thought I’d touch on the results from the Content Marketing Institute global survey about content and other digital marketing successes from a B2C perspective. 76% of B2C respondents use promoted posts (e.g. boosted Facebook posts and promoted tweets and pins). 61% of these […]

The Role Of Marketing In Business Development For B2B Companies

When businesses globally are looking for efficiencies, is Marketing a cost or critical investment to a company’s future? The role of marketing is to commercially and successfully support the Business Development function. When BD is a critical function for those who must do this to survive, spending on marketing needs to have a clear ROI. […]

Once upon a brand

How well do you tell your own brand story? Your brand story begins from the moment a customer hears your name for the first time, sees your logo, visits your website, reads your about page and experiences your interactions on social media. These are all crucial platforms which help build a complete picture of your […]

A special offer

A July offer worth a thousand dollars Brand One has a proven record in providing quality design, high accuracy and on time delivery of annual reports. A specialist mining sector agency, we will tailor the structure, tone and presentation to your company. To achieve greater reach with your annual report, reduce your carbon footprint and […]

Micro-moments – where retail marketers need to be

The impact of mobile technology Mobile has changed everything. Consumers engage with brands a lot more spontaneously i.e. only when they need to. Google has termed this as ‘micro-moments’, which in essence as explained by Google’s head of marketing Lucinda Barlow, are those times when consumers need something then and there. How do we not […]