Facebook is changing its algorithms, which will impact the type and order of content it displays in users’ News Feeds. You may have seen some news last week through an announcement from Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg about the changes it is making its News Feed. Essentially, it’s re-focusing on posts from family, friends and groups, […]

Once upon a brand

How well do you tell your own brand story? Your brand story begins from the moment a customer hears your name for the first time, sees your logo, visits your website, reads your about page and experiences your interactions on social media. These are all crucial platforms which help build a complete picture of your […]

Micro-moments – where retail marketers need to be

The impact of mobile technology Mobile has changed everything. Consumers engage with brands a lot more spontaneously i.e. only when they need to. Google has termed this as ‘micro-moments’, which in essence as explained by Google’s head of marketing Lucinda Barlow, are those times when consumers need something then and there. How do we not […]

A great annual report doesn’t have to cost the earth

A July offer worth a thousand dollars Brand One has a proven record in providing quality design, high accuracy and on time delivery of annual reports. We will tailor the structure, tone and presentation to your industry. We have core competencies in: Mining and mining services; Local government as a preferred WALGA supplier; and Not-for-profits. […]

Differentiate and create trust with your Annual Report

Delivering a strong message to the investor market The best annual reports can not only showcase your successes but actually engage stakeholders. It doesn’t have to be a chore serving nothing other than compliance. Instead, it can work to get your key messages across and demonstrate confidence to your stakeholders. Clear, uncluttered communications is a […]

Brand Identity

Building business equity with branding A business’s name and logo forms only a part of its brand identity. Branding is strategic for businesses of all sizes. Bottom line, helps promote sales but even more so, it adds value to your balance sheet though goodwill. A brand’s identity is both internal and external. To the external […]

Getting Digital

When marketing strategy meets digital Over the years, Brand One has been implementing integrated marketing and communications strategies, including digital, for our clients. Anyone can build a website, Facebook page or Twitter. However to optimise the return from the digital channels together with traditional channels like radio and press; and internally aligning what your team’s […]

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